This is your place to pre purchase or buy a physical memory of our concerts & events. Our first item we offer is a unique Retro CD that looks like a Vinyl Record but is only playable on all CD Players. It includes our first Single “Aqua Chillax” plus an exclusive Spa Mix that’s only available on these CDs. Go Beyond Recordings is shipping everything out from New York and when you make a payment either with Credit Card or Paypal, you will see Go Beyond Productions as the seller on your transaction. Thank you for the support, enjoy and stay tuned for more items available soon…  (The mp3 Version of the Aqua Chillax – Single is also available in all download Stores incl. Amazon, iTunes, Deezer or listen to it on Spotify, Slacker Radio & Apple Music.)

Aqua Chillax Single Retro CD

Aqua Chillax Single Retro CD:

1. Aqua Chillax – Single (4:42)
2. Aqua Chillax – Spa Mix (7:33) (Available only on Retro CDs)
Price: $5.00 (plus S&H)