Our first Aqua Chillax Single was released July 1st and is available in all major download stores! We are excited! Have a listen to a Preview of Aqua Chillax™ below. Our Aqua Chillax music is carefully composed to reflect the core of our concerts and creative ideas. Simply Chill & Relax and let us take you on a journey. Our music has already made it’s mark as part of the wellness and fitness class format Stretch & Relax™ simply SR as an SR – Stretch & Relax™ and now we bring it to you at a Spa, Resort, Wellness Center near you and so much more. Ambient music, futuristic, chill, world but also natural sounds are most important to us. You can find upcoming concert dates & Events on our Events page or also listed below. So have a listen to a preview of our Aqua Chillax Single which you can buy here as part of our new Aqua Chillax Retro CD that also includes a Spa Mix of the same song or in our new Store. Our full Album will be released soon. You can also download our latest Single on Amazon, Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, Anghami or via other Digital Stores you like.

Aqua Chillax Single Retro CD

Aqua Chillax Single Retro CD:

1. Aqua Chillax – Single (4:42)
2. Aqua Chillax – Spa Mix (7:33) (Available only on Retro CDs)
Price: $5.00 (plus S&H)