Aqua Chillax™

Aqua Chillax™ is not only chilled & relaxing music but our new exciting live performance event which we offer at different Venues including Spas, Resorts, Aquariums and non traditional or unusual locations. The main focus is chilled and relaxing music which was produced just for that purpose… ambient music, futuristic, chill, world and natural sounds. Our live music will take you on a journey where you can dream along but which is also energizing. Guests can simply chill and relax in the early or late evening hours around the Pool or in a special area. Chill & Relax to Sounds that will take you beyond…

Our first Single also called Aqua Chillax was Released last summer and is available in all major digital download stores. It is honey to music lovers ears and… we are in the middle of releasing more. Our full length Album that you heard at our concerts will also be publicly released in the near future. We are excited! In the meantime stay tuned for upcoming event dates, music releases, and other news. You can find our schedule below or head over to the Events page for more info.

We are working hard to bring our event and music to you not only in the US but in Germany and other exciting places and countries. From small unique Locations to bigger Venues or possibly Festivals. At some Events we will combine Music with Art or even Fitness. We will be adding more content, so please be patient and check back for more information. In the meantime please follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Soundcloud and Twitter. Thank you ­čÖé